Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Organize! Acrylic & The Angel Company Stamps

I have an addiction: Stamps. This has turned into a big addiction. January 1st i swore i would stop buying stamps. And i did, for a whole month! I do use my stamps, i swear i do....but i need to use them more frequently. Organizing them should make that easier!


I had my stamps in their packages lined up in baskets and bins all over the place...this is only 2!! All of my "The Angel Company" stamps were cut apart and in a big basket. Very hard to find THAT stamp you want!


I bought a ton of stamp pages, and seperated the stamps according to type: Birthday, Animals, Trees & Flowers, Kids, Girlfriends, Thanks, Missing you, etc, etc.

Each binder holds 1-3 stamps pages, some have stamps on both sides, depending on how many i had of that type.

I bought the binders on sale at Walgrees for only .50 each! Aren't they perfect for me?

I seperated all of my tiny acrylics as needed, most packages contain more than 1 theme. It's easier to look for theme than it is to remember which package had THAT "thank you" stamp!


I do plan to label each binder, just not today! Baby steps people, baby steps!

Now, i have slowed down my buying, I'm doing better. If you want some cute new stamps, let me know, I know a fantastic seller of "The Angel Company" stamps!

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Michelle said...

Hey Melynda....SO hoping that the fantastic seller of The Angel Company stamps is me :) Way to get organized. I just finished my stamp binder....hope to share on the blog soon!