Friday, September 19, 2008

ReWork your scraps!

Tonight i got to work on an order for invitations to a pumpkin patch/hayride party.

I had some scraps left over, so i decided to make a birthday card for the basket. I love the way it turned out! The backside of the plaid paper is a great tan with red scrolls...too too cute!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 do you manage?

So I have been looking at your craftiness for the last thirty minutes in awe! Two questions???? Where in the heck do you put all of this stuff in your apartment and when in the heck do you have time for this!!!!!

As far as where do i put stuff, my bedroom is a total disaster area! My desk (custom made by my father for the space) covers one entire wall in my bedroom, i have shelves above and below, and shelves in my closet as well (for inventory)! Stuff is everywhere, but again, i am extremely organized, so that helps. I know where everything is at *almost* all times. I can't wait until i get a house so i can have a whole room to sleep in, nothing else...just sleep! No stamps, no shelves, just a good night's sleep!

I have only one child, and i am *lucky* that she is at the age that she loves to "make cards" too, lol, so she has her own supplies, and scraps and she tends to "work" while i am working, so that helps a lot! I work on orders/cards at least 5 nights of the week. I am very organized, so i typically know days in advance exactly what i need to work on after my real *work* so that i can get everything done on time!

Keep the questions coming!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Organize! Acrylic & The Angel Company Stamps

I have an addiction: Stamps. This has turned into a big addiction. January 1st i swore i would stop buying stamps. And i did, for a whole month! I do use my stamps, i swear i do....but i need to use them more frequently. Organizing them should make that easier!


I had my stamps in their packages lined up in baskets and bins all over the place...this is only 2!! All of my "The Angel Company" stamps were cut apart and in a big basket. Very hard to find THAT stamp you want!


I bought a ton of stamp pages, and seperated the stamps according to type: Birthday, Animals, Trees & Flowers, Kids, Girlfriends, Thanks, Missing you, etc, etc.

Each binder holds 1-3 stamps pages, some have stamps on both sides, depending on how many i had of that type.

I bought the binders on sale at Walgrees for only .50 each! Aren't they perfect for me?

I seperated all of my tiny acrylics as needed, most packages contain more than 1 theme. It's easier to look for theme than it is to remember which package had THAT "thank you" stamp!


I do plan to label each binder, just not today! Baby steps people, baby steps!

Now, i have slowed down my buying, I'm doing better. If you want some cute new stamps, let me know, I know a fantastic seller of "The Angel Company" stamps!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of school

Terra's first day of school was also her 5th Birthday!


After grabbing some cute alphabet papers, i got to work trying to create something with minimal patterned paper, something i normally do not do!

Here is the layout i made of the photos from that morning.

I have a spare pic (the best, in my opinion) that i am trying to decide how to best use. Keep in mind it is a slightly grainy camera phone pic. It is so awesome i have to do SOMETHING with it! Here it is....Off to think of ideas for it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

100% Scraps

I got a wild hair today to see what i could do with only scraps. I went through my papers and picked out all of the black and white scraps, and added only cardstock scraps and embellishments that i already had.

I'm quite proud to say that I ended up with SEVEN adorable, bright & fun cards!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Same Products, 3 Looks

Many know that i used to work at my local scrapbook store, Eclectica. I still shop there way too often, and was asked last month to participate in their "3 Looks" promotion.

Go to to see this Layout, 2 others and the 3 cards i made with the scraps!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Strange Melynda fact

I once went through FOUR, yes FOUR, Dotto refills in only one day! The truly shocking part of that confession is that those refills contain 90 FEET worth of adhesive in each refill! I was working on Holiday gifts, orders and my own Christmas cards! That was one the second time that I ran out of adhesive with more work to be done, and was the true beginning of my 5+ stock up rule!