Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Question...how do you manage?

So I have been looking at your craftiness for the last thirty minutes in awe! Two questions???? Where in the heck do you put all of this stuff in your apartment and when in the heck do you have time for this!!!!!

As far as where do i put stuff, my bedroom is a total disaster area! My desk (custom made by my father for the space) covers one entire wall in my bedroom, i have shelves above and below, and shelves in my closet as well (for inventory)! Stuff is everywhere, but again, i am extremely organized, so that helps. I know where everything is at *almost* all times. I can't wait until i get a house so i can have a whole room to sleep in, nothing else...just sleep! No stamps, no shelves, just a good night's sleep!

I have only one child, and i am *lucky* that she is at the age that she loves to "make cards" too, lol, so she has her own supplies, and scraps and she tends to "work" while i am working, so that helps a lot! I work on orders/cards at least 5 nights of the week. I am very organized, so i typically know days in advance exactly what i need to work on after my real *work* so that i can get everything done on time!

Keep the questions coming!

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