Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of school

Terra's first day of school was also her 5th Birthday!


After grabbing some cute alphabet papers, i got to work trying to create something with minimal patterned paper, something i normally do not do!

Here is the layout i made of the photos from that morning.

I have a spare pic (the best, in my opinion) that i am trying to decide how to best use. Keep in mind it is a slightly grainy camera phone pic. It is so awesome i have to do SOMETHING with it! Here it is....Off to think of ideas for it!


Watty said...

cuuuuute!! I wish I'd get the creative gene back in my body, but alas, all my scrapping stuff is collecting cobwebs and thick layers of dustt

Michelle said...

oh how I miss my Saturday buddy...tell her hi! for me!!