Monday, August 25, 2008

2 sheets of Patterned paper, 2 sheets of Cardstock and 2 hours

This weekends challenge was to see what I could come up with if given 2 sheets of patterned paper, 2 sheets of cardstock, and only 2 hours! I was only "allowed" to add in what i already had stamping, inking and embellishment wise.

To a shopper it was difficult to deny myself when I thought of a cute idea, but “needed something else”. I held back. I did well! I bought nothing. In fact, the papers were all from my stock, and I *think* I purchased those papers at least a year ago if not two! See, I knew I’d find a use for the papers one day!

In all, I came up with the following 8 cards, leaving only a few one inch wide strips of paper remaining! I did pretty well, especially since I am the self-appointed Queen of Scrap savings! I swear I could start my own paper factory with all of the scraps I have lying around here. Only upside I can claim is that I do keep them organized relatively well.

TIP: As you get used to the various brands of papers, you will develop your own style of organization of your scraps and papers. I like to organize my papers and scraps according to what "idea" i had for the paper when i bought it. Some papers just "look" like Mothers Day type papers, some remind me of a heartfelt Sympathy card. I organize my cardstock scraps by color of course, and they are all ROYGBIVed, no doubt!

Here are the cards I made, the first 5 are up for auction on Ebay *HERE*.

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