Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TOOT TOOT, AKA "Don't doubt my awesomeness!"

There are times in a girls life when she must decide whether to toot her own horn or not.  This one wasn't hard to decide!  Chris fully doubted my abilities with my spur-of-the-moment project idea...but he has since learned of my complete and total awesomness. 

My mom purchased great shoes for me for the wedding.  I do really love them.  The only problem was though, that I was worried that they didn't fully match.  See, I'm wearing a pretty white summer dress, with a cropped raspberry pink lightweight cardigan on top.  Terra is wearing a frilly white dress with a black sash and tiny black flowers along the skirt, with a gorgeous matching pink flower to put in her hair.  Chris will be in this black suit, white shirt and a pink tie that matches my cardigan.  WHITE-PINK-BLACK.  There in lies the problem.  The darn black!  I had nothing black in my outfit. 

On a spur of the moment we stopped by Payless to look at shoes (BOGO ya know!).

For some reason, i fell in love with these shoes- they are a pale lavender.  I'm not a ruffly type person, but they "spoke" to me, lol.  And heck, they were only $8 down from $25

The second i put them on, the idea hit me.  The shoes are fabric covered, and a simple design. 
So off to Hobby Lobby we went!

Yes people, I PAINTED MY SHOES, lol!  And it turned out 1000 times better than i saw in my head!

I took my time and painted (with a tiny brush) two coats of white fabric paint, pink fabric paint, and black fabric paint.   Whod a thunk it that it would actually work!  

So--what do you think? 

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Kristin said...

Those are so cute! I never would have thought you could paint shoes like that, but I've been proved wrong!