Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/18/09 Crop Layouts

I was a busy lil bee!

Layout 1: "2nd lost tooth"
For this LO i asked Terra to describe what she thought the Tooth Fairy would look some pretty funny responses, like "She flies into the house through our peep hole in the door!". I also did a block of hidden journaling, weighted down with a heavy button so she doesn't know until she is old enough not to "believe" anymore. Little girl tried to booby trap the Tooth Fairy!

Layout 2: "Gymnastics Program" ~2 pages
I like the way this one turned out!

Layout 3: "Artiste!"
This is the layout of the photos of the latest painting shes created. Too cute.

Layout 4: "4th of July 2009" ~2 pages

Layout 5: "You wearing your heart on your sleeve"
Terras big birthmark is in the shape of a perfect heart, if you haven't seen in lately!

Layout 6: "Kindergarten Musical"
Terras class sang and acted out "Little bunny foofoo", complete with mice and a Goon!

Layout 7: "Pool with Jennifer"
Photos of Terra and Jennifer (chris' sister) playing at the pool!

Layout 8: "Swimming"

I also started a "School book" for Terra. It is 8x8, and the book is a binder bound type from Making Memories, and is covered in an adorable pink corduroy!

I plan to make a 2page layout for each school year, Preschool to 6th grade. I've already made all of the layouts in fact, so i have no excuses. All I have to do is take photos and print them out! I am taking one on the first and last day, plus field trips and special school functions, and after school activities!

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Michelle said...

LOVE the mini album idea. It will be so neat to look back it and see the differences year to going to "borrow" that idea!!