Saturday, February 7, 2009

Get Organized on a budget!

I think most of you know how Anal Retentive I am when it comes to favorite parts of Target are the school supplies, and the organization sections! We decided to move around my bedroom/scrap room and I am *almost* finished with it, and I love the way it turned out! I will list approximate prices and where I purchased items along with the photos for those that need to get a jump start of finishing their own scrap spaces (And I know you guys are out there, so quit hiding...get started!).

My father made my desk out of a large wood piece with 3 attached legs. It is about 6 feet in length, and 2 feet deep. The left side of the desk rests on the top of a salvaged sanded and spray painted filing cabinet. It holds my files, but sadly enough, not 12x12...but it still does quite a bit for "hiding" ugly papers!

COST: $20 total (includes the paints for both the desk and the filing cabinet!)

Long Shelves:
My father made the long shelves as well, out of the same piece of wood that the desk came from. They are the same length as the desk, and are 12 inches deep.

COST: $7.50 (6 white 10x12" brackets from Wal-mart shelving section, wood is included in above desk cost!)

White Baskets:
I purchased these at the same time as the above blue pails. The baskets were packaged 2 to a set, and were only $.50 per set, again, at 90% off of summer themed items! They too are super easy to move around, and look cute to boot...what could be better?!?!?! Items stored in the baskets: MM Foam sets, Just Rite Monogram tools & accessories, Various bare chipboard pieces, Hot Glue Gun/Ribbon Iron, non-holiday Wood Block Stamps, Metallic Paints, Label Makers, Bulk Adhesives, and new cards I’ve finished and need to photograph. I also have a basket set aside for Terra for small scraps, and her glue, etc, etc.

COST: $5.00 total for 10 baskets

12x12 Drawer sets:
These were purchased at Target for $8.99 each on sale last week (through the end of today!), regular price is only $9.99 so don’t make a special trip today unless you just really want to save that extra $1!!! The exact same drawers are $14.99 at Wal-Mart, and $14.99 at Hobby Lobby (so $9 after a 40% off coupon). Items stored in the drawers: (on top shelf...items used once per year or less) Christmas, Love, Baby, Halloween & Mothers/Fathers Day items. Each of the 5 on that shelf is for each separate holiday, one drawer for paper, one for embellishments, one for stamps. The 2 sets that are on top of the desk hold a TON of stuff....all my MM paints, Stickles, Embossing powders, all inks and Flocking mess, Colored Floss, Envelopes and my business cards and stamps. This was the most expensive of the entire set up, but I don't know how i ever lived without them!

COST: $62.93 for 7 of the 12" 3-drawer sets

Small white desktop shelves:
This was one of my favorite finds E*V*E*R! I got these at Target, 75% off about 2 years ago. They ended up being roughly $6.24 per set of 2! I just knew I’d have the perfect use for them some day, and I loved the way they fit on the desk! These run about $24.99 each set!

COST: $12.48 for 2 sets of 2 cubes

Blue Pails:
I actually purchased these almost 3 years ago at Target. I scored them for only $.15 each during an after summer 90% off clearance! I bought all they had, 10 total. They are the perfect size to hold items that I use constantly, and they can quickly be moved around when I need certain tools and product. They also have awesome little slots for labels....a place for everything and everything in its place! Items stored in the pails: Pens/Pencils, Scissors/Sanding Tools, Adhesives, Acrylic Blocks, Tombow Markers, Paint Brushes, Colored Pencils.

COST: $1.50 total for 10 pails

Flower/Ribbon Jars:
These are all from Hobby Lobby. The flower jars were $2.33 each (so $1.39 each with 40% off coupon...or even lower if you score them on a 50% off sale!). As always, the flowers are ROYGBIV'd. The ribbon jars are slightly larger and therefore they have to lie down, but they still work perfect, and you can see the pretty ribbons nicely! These larger jars are $2.99 each (so $1.79 each w/coupon, again, cheaper if you wait for a 50% off sale).

COST: $13.71 for 6 short and 3 tall jars

Button Jars:
These are Making Memories jars and were purchased at Eclectica for $9.99 for the set of 6 (so $6.99 after a 30% off coupon). The buttons are ROYGBIV’d, of course, and I love the look of the colors showing through the jars. The fit perfectly inside the shelves of the cube sets!

COST: $6.99 for set of 6 small jars

Making Memories Embellishment Boxes:
I purchased 4 from Eclectica and one from the above EBay seller. Items stored in the 5 boxes (I am still searching for a 6th box to round out the collection!): Brads (separated by color of course), Specialty Brads (think 3’s, flowers, etc, etc), Small Embellishments, Misc Embellishments & Eyelets (separated by color)

COST: $24.95 for all 5 boxes at $4.99 each

Paper Trays:
I purchased these for $6 last weekend at the Eclectica Craft Yard Sale. I REALLY scored with these! They appear to be made by Display Dynamics. I have my 12x12 cardstocks stored here, ROYGBIV'd of course. The bottom tray is for "special" cardstocks, like glitters and scalloped edges, etc, etc.

COST: $6.00 for the set of 6 trays

Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper Holders, dividers, & files:
I am so happy with how these turned out! Some of these i purchased long ago, some are new. I now have 7 of the 12" holders, 5 of the 8" holders, and 3 of the 6" holders. As always, everything is organized to a "T" and labeled as such! :) I purchased some of the holders at Eclectica and some on EBay...try this seller for a great experience: Kimscotti

.....12" holders......
Basic Patterned Papers: separated by main color of background, ROYGBIV'd
Theme Patterned Papers: birthday, animal, sports, etc, etc
Patterned Paper Scraps: separated by theme/main style
Large Cardstock Scraps: separated & ROYGBIV'd
Prepared Layouts: Files contain sets ready to be worked, papers & CS
Prepared Projects: Files contain all supplies for projects/books waiting to be worked on
Bulk Patterned Papers: Papers i bought in bulk for special reasons

.....8" holders.....
8.5x11" Cardstocks: Neutrals
8.5x11" Cardstocks: Colors ROYGBIV'd
8" Patterned Paper Stacks
Medium Cardstock Scraps
Other: Acrylic sheets, Stamps sheets, Stamp boards, Labels

.....6" holders.....
Small Cardstock/Mat Stacks
6x6" Patterned Paper Stacks
6" Cardstock

COST: Roughly $74.85 for all 15 holders, not including the MANY sets of files and dividers!

Total cost of Room Re-Do:

If you see anything else in the photos that you’d like to know about, please let me know! I tried to hit all the mail sections, but I’m sure I missed things!

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Michelle said...

Wowzer great organizing!! I love how it all turned out and you know where everything is!! AWESOME :)