Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New layout PLUS a challange for YOU!

New Layout..."Aca-dem-ic-al-ly"

Terra was selected by her teacher to do the daily announcment to the entire school! Seeing as though i am in love with the paper, and want to make it go as far as humanly possible, i planned ahead and made sure to maximize the usage to get the most i possibly could from it!

The first photo below is of the peices i cut in order to complete this layout. The second photo below is of the scraps i was left with! Instead of using 3 12x12 pages of heavyweight (and slightly pricey) patterned paper plus 3 12x12 sheets of heavyweight textured Bazzill Cardstock, i used roughly the equivelent of 1 sheet of cardstock and 1 sheet of patterned paper! By cutting the center of the blue cardstock out entirely, i had plenty of cardstock to not only mat my pink journaling block, but also to cut out my title using QuicKutz! The second sheet of patterned paper (the pink stripes and the brown and pink polka dots) was a double sided beauty, so that saved even more!

CHALLENGE! Make the most of your paper! All you have to do is think ahead, and make a plan. Get out a piece of scratch paper, or your idea book and draw your layout ideas. Then determine exactly how much of each paper you will need. Be sure to use enough of the largest piece so that the page is nice and sturdy, but don't waste paper.

Note that in my layout, at the bottom of the page, there was potential to have 6 layers of photos/papers for this one page! SIX! By planning ahead and piecing the layout together carefully, i was able to not only save money by saving paper, but i was also able to save height in my scrapbook as the page is much thinner than it would have been had i used full sheets, six pages thick!

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