Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bright Ideas

Okay, i love to scrap, i love to make cards, and i love to read....especially magazines in honor of the above! Having realized that i have a ton of magazines laying around, and rarely refer to them at later dates for ideas, i decided to toss out what i've always done (read the mag, say "what a great idea! then set it on shelf rarely to be picked up again) and develop a new method.

I've taken a 1 inch binder similar to those i am storing my stamps in, and i have repurposed it to hold all the bright ideas i come across in magazines! If i see something i like (a color combo, a use for a new tool, a layout that is interesting) i tear that whole page out of the magazine. When done, i go through it one more time then toss the gutted magazine, trim the pages with ideas i like and Dotto them to notebook paper inside the binder.

I plan to further organize it by making tabs to seperate Layouts, Cards, Paper Arts and Organization.

Here is the beginning stages of the binder, i think it looks awfully cute!

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