Friday, August 29, 2008

Question: “Pls expand on your “trusted favorites” list.” (Part two)

Uniball Signo writing pens.

Looking for that perfect *white* pen to write on dark papers with? This is it!

I use the Uniball Signo White (UM-153) broad pen...and its FAB!

EK Success 3D-DOTS

These are by far the best pop-dots available! I’ve tried many cheaper versions, even some with more pop-dots for less money, but the fact remains that I love the EK Success ones for a reason.

They are reliable and they are easy to use. I’ve used some fake off brand pop-dots that were IMPOSSIBLE to remove the paper backing from, and you end up ruining your work because of having to chisel the things back off! Some brands are too squishy others are way too firm. EK Success 3D-DOTS are just right! I am always sure to stock up on these while using 40% off coupons!

Tombo markers

Aside from coming in dozens of colors, these markers are just so easy to use! There is a pen like side, and a paint brush like side. I honestly only use the paint brush sides! The color comes out so fluidly, and there is no need to keep going over the same spot like you have to with some markers or pens.

Tombos come in every color and shade imaginable and they are relatively cheap at about $3 each. Again, I’ve tried the cheaper markers, especially the ones available in sets for about $10…they are just not as good.

Colorbox Scrapbooks

I am pretty faithful to my ColorBox scrapbooks, especially their line called “The perfect scrapbook”.

These books come in 12x12 and 8x8 and are a cloth material in just about every color you can think of. These books can be very understated and “plain” to blend in with décor, or you can jazz them up and embellish the outside. I’ve made all of Terra’s scrapbooks out of these, and use the many different colors to differentiate which year it is from! I started with baby pink, medium pink, bright pink, and now red.

A 12x12 Colorbox book is about $19.99 and the 8x8 are about $14.99…and both are worth every penny!

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